5 Guns The Government Doesn’t Want You To Have…

These guys show us the 5 guns the government doesn’t want us to have.

Starting from the AR with a 30-round magazine, then we see the Saiga-12 along with the Tavor IWI semi-automatic bullpup rifle that takes standard AR-15 pattern magazines and we also see the AK-47 which makes people immediately think whoever is using it is a bad guy, but that’s not true at all, in the US people just the AK-47 without a problem. Lastly they show us the one firearm that seriously makes our jaws drop, the Barret M107 semi-automatic .50 caliber anti material rifle with a 10 round magazine and it costs about $13,000 so it’s a very expensive rifle.

What do you guys think about these 5 firearms, should they be banned or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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