De Lisle Carbine: The Most Suppressed Firearm In History

YouTube channel Military Arms Channel comes back with another cool video, this one being about The De Lisle Carbine which is a WWII era weapon designed for special operations. The De Lisle Carbine is chambered in .45 ACP cartridge and uses a standard 7 round or 11 round 1911 magazine.

This rifle was produced between 1942-1945 and only a very limited number of these rifles were built, it is one of the most quiet suppressed firearms in the history of firearms.

It was designed by William Godfrey de Lisle, he designed the rifle as a 22 originally and he used it for hunting. He then took it to the Ministry of Defense and they said the caliber does not fit their needs so they tried a 9mm caliber which didn’t turn out well so they went with the 45ACP and that’s what the final design is like.

What do you guys think about the De Lisle Carbine?


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