Mini Draco AK47 Pistol: Ultimate Truck Gun

This is another civilian legal variant of the legendary AK 47 assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. This firearm is essentially a truncated AK pattern rifle, based upon the Krinkov design. The original purpose of this weapon is to bring heavy firepower to a fight in a small package. These would have been issued to tankers, paratroopers, or Spetsnaz fighters who needed a more compact package.

This is different from original Krinkov rifles in that; it does not have a folding stock, it is chambered in the 7.362×39 instead of the 5.45×39, and it is semi-automatic only. Original Krinkov carbines were shortened AK74 pattern rifles, and this is an AKM pattern gun. It should be noted that this is legally classified as a handgun; therefore one must be exceedingly careful with the modifications made to this type of weapon. The installation of any type of stock is prohibited, as well as a vertical fore grip.

This gun features a 10 inch barrel, with a welded on muzzle-nut and a Hogue stock. This gun is very well made, and one of the finer Romanian AK pattern weapons I have saw. Check out the video below!


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