Full-Auto Gauss Gun


This video by Jason Murray features the CG-42 Full-Auto Gauss machine gun. The gun has eight electromagnetic coils along the barrel, from one end of the gun to the other. Its power is supplied by two 22.2-volt Lithium Polymer batteries, which, together, provide 50 volts and up to 360 amps of current to the coils. It has a muzzle energy of 10.87 joules or 42.03 m/s and its rate of fire is at 7.7 rounds per second.

Ammunition is fed from a 15-round spring-loaded magazine into the back of the gun where a mechanical injector pushes the projectile out of the magazine into the first coil. Each coil has an infrared detector which detects the presence of the projectile and triggers an electromagnetic pulse, which pulls the projectile towards the center of the coil. Then the coil shuts off and the next coil turns on, pulling the projectile down the barrel towards the target.

Along the top of the gun is a bank of high-powered transistors which switch the coils on and off, along with some electronics that stop it from exploding from too much voltage. Above the grip is a circuit board that controls the firing sequence and up front, there’s another circuit board with some voltage converters that supply low voltage for the control circuitry and a targeting laser for aiming.

Jason does a couple of test shots at some soda cans, an old laptop, and a birthday cake to show that the gun packs a good punch. The firearm, which is a first-of-its-kind full-auto, 8-stage coilgun, holds up quite well. It is an actual Gauss machine gun designed and built by the video creator himself — an impressive feat in itself. The gun looks unusual, but functions well, as it turns out. Critics have commented that the construction quality of the gun is actually really impressive and the bullpup configuration is neat.


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