New folding gun the size of a fat credit card can fit in your wallet

Trailblazer Firearms has released a novelty pistol the size of a fat credit card that can fit in your wallet.

The LifeCard, “the last gun you’ll leave behind,” is the flagship weapon for the young firearm company.

Currently only available through Ellet Brothers and Jerry’s Sport Center, the LifeCard is a foldable, single-shot, single-action .22lr pistol weighing under 7 ounces. When closed, the pistols dimensions are the same as a stack of credit cards at 3.347″ x 2.125″ x 0.5″.

The weapon is incapable of firing a round while in the folded orientation.

This special feature keeps the LifeCard from being classified as an AOW under the National Firearms Act.

The pistol must be fully unlatched before it can be cocked.

The pistol must be manually cocked before it can be fired and also features a half-cock position.

An additional four rounds can be stored in the grip.

The LifeCard will available starting in mid-August, 2017 with an MSRP around $400.

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