Sig P320 Fails Drop Testing!

Last week firearm forums were filled with rumors about the Dallas Police Department recalling the Sig Sauer P320. The alleged recall was in response to fears of an inadvertent discharge if the weapon was dropped.

Sig Sauer quickly made a public statement saying that the P320 was drop safe. The P320 has passed all commercial, industry, and government drop tests, which require the bore axis to be perpendicular to or parallel with the ground at the point of impact.

Omaha Outdoors conducted their own battery of drop tests and shared their results with Sig Sauer. They found that the weapon would fire if dropped at a specific angle that was not included in any prior drop tests. Results showed that the pistol would consistently fire with various calibers and types of ammunition.

Three out of four pistols would fire every time. Only the P320 X5 remained “drop safe” even after it was dropped so many times the beaver tail broke off. Omaha Outdoors believes that the trigger weight is to blame. They believe the heavier reinforced triggers on some P320 models are to blame for the failure when dropped from shoulder height. The heavier triggers were replaced with the lighter X5 trigger and the uncommanded firings dropped below 10%.

By further reducing the weight of the stock trigger Omaha Outdoors was able to completely eliminated uncommanded firings in 50 consecutive tests. With a heavier trigger, the same weapon would discharge with nearly every drop.

Watch the video below to see the conditions of their tests and the results.


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