Zahal – Full Auto KPOS With Glock 17 – Slow Motion

The Glock 17 is a self-loading pistol in the caliber of 9 × 19 mm, manufactured by the Austrian Glock GmbH . It is the starting model of the Glock pistols , which are technically largely identical with it, differing only in terms of handle sizes, barrel lengths and caliber.

The Glock 17 is 40% plastic, which makes the gun very light. Barrel and lock are made of metal, the barrel has a polygonal profile . Overall, the Glock 17 consists of only 33 parts. This makes the maintenance of the weapon easier and makes it very popular among security and military personnel. Among other things, the Glock 17 is also used in German special units, Eg the GSG 9 or the SEKsIn various (German) federal states. The gun has a so-called safe-action trigger system. This means, after loading, the weapon is always partially stretched. This weapon is a cockless pistol, that is, the striker is directly tensioned. The ammunition capacity is 17, 19 or 33 cartridges depending on the magazine.


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