Deadly Assault Rifles

1. HK G36

The G36 from Heckler & Koch is a gas operated, 5.56x45mm assault rifle. It features a standard 30-round detachable box magazine or an obviously larger 100-round drum magazine. The overall length is roughly 39 inches while the barrel length is nearly 19 inches. Made for German defense, the Heckler & Koch G36 found its way into military hands during 1995 as a replacement for the G3. Some of the most notable features of this weapon is a folding stock, both automatic and semi-automatic firing selectors as well as the prominent carrying handle. Most German military versions came equipped with the “ZF 3×4” dual optical sight which has cross-hairs set around 100 yards followed by markers at 200, 400 and 600 yards like some modern BDC scopes.

Due to accuracy problems when overheated, the G36 was recently replaced in the German military by the HK417 assault rifle. And while the new weapon will surely perform well, it has not replaced the G36 in our list of the most deadly assault rifles of all time.

2. MPT-76

The MPT-76 made its first appearance in 2014. It is a gas-operated 7.62x51mm NATO assault rifle designed for the most harsh environemnts. The MPT-76 has recently replaced the HK G3 in the Turkish Armed Forces. This weapons is certified to operate in dirty, wet and muddy areas with both high and low atmospheric pressure. Like most modern assault rifles, the MPT-76 includes a rail system (Picatinny) for various attachements.

While this gun is fairly new, there are several planned variants which are yet to be comfirmed. These variants include 5.56 NATO as well as left-handed and right-handed versions.


The M4 carbine recently replaced the M16A4 in some of U.S. Army and Marine Corps combat units. This assault rifle is gas-operated and fires the popular 5.56x45mm NATO round. The M4A1 can fire both semi automatic and fully automatic, while the M4 is semi-auto and three round burst. Both of which come with a Picatinny rail system for mounting the M203 or M320 grenade launchers, hand grips, lasers and other specialized tactical equipment.

Because the M4 carbine is a quality, dependable weapon, many variants have surfaced for specialized combat situations. Popular variants include the Mark 18 CQBR, M4 Commando and Enhanced M4 (Colt APC). These versions offer different barrel length, modified upper and lower receives, removable carrying handles and more.

4. VHS 2

Introduced in 2013, the VHS-2 assault rifle is the new and improved version of the HS Produkt VHS weapon. The VHS-2 is a 5.56x45mm NATO bullpup that sports quite a few upgrades from the previous model. The most visible upgrades are the NATO accessory rails which have been added to both sides of the front handguard. These same NATO rails also replaced the old carrying handle on the top of the assault rifle which offers more options for optics. The stock received an amazing upgrade as well. Despite being a bullpup, the VHS-2 comes with a six-position adjustable stock.


The ACR was designed by Bushmaster, MagPul and Remington. Remington was later contracted to manufacture these rifles for the US military and law enforcement. It is reliable, accurate and built with quality materials. The most interesting aspect of this weapon is its ability to change from a 5.56mm to a 6.8mm caliber in only a few minutes. This weapon can be used in close-quarter combat as well as long range combat. Not only can you switch calibers to suit your situation, the ACR is has ambidextrous controls, a reliable gas piston operating system and Picatinny rails. The ACR or “Adaptive Combat Rifle” is exactly that, an adaptive rifle meant for modern day combat.


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