The Most Powerful Weapons of the World

The armed forces around the world are concerned about the creation and testing of futuristic weapons, which would envy, and Dzheyms Bond. From rifles that can shoot underwater with a gun, ready to dazzle the enemy at a distance of a few kilometers: here are some samples of the coolest weapons to date.

See the most powerful weapons of the world


These semi-automatic guns and grenade launchers provide the troops of special purpose. CornerShot system allows hitting the target without leaving the shelter.

FN 5-7

This barrel is famous for its ability to penetrate the most powerful body armor. Actually, the gun is so steep that even in America with their famous amendment civilian can buy it only with a box of sporting cartridges.

KRISS Vector

The weapon is a lightweight machine pistol, the recoil is reduced up to almost 95%, while ago – 60%. The shooter can hit targets very, very efficiently and with great speed.

XM25 CdTe

XM-25 is the grenade launcher, which shells can be released remotely. In order to understand the fighter, which dropped a grenade, each projectile fuze is equipped with smoke.


Ok, before you – a real laser gun. However, non-lethal effects. PHASR used to disorient and blind the enemy. Hello, pilots of enemy air forces.

Chiappa Rhino

In appearance it is a regular pistol – by and large, the way it is. Innovative as she returns system: back, not up. Thanks to this innovation Chiappa Rhino has become 7 times more accurate than their counterparts in the class.

Bolt-Action .338 TP

TrackingPoint is an American company that manufactures high-precision rifle with a technology that calculates the range to the target and optimizing physical settings accordingly. This Bolt-Action .338 TP costs about $ 50,000.

Magpul FMG-9

This machine is made of a lightweight polymer and can be folded into a small, handy for carrying convolutions. Lethality FMG-9 is more than enough for closed spaces.

Amphibious assault rifle

Amphibious assault rifle, designed for underwater use. It is already being used by Russian secret services. The rifle is capable of producing up to 700 rounds per minute at a distance of 25 meters.


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