Tomahawk stock keeps you in the fight even after your weapon runs dry

The AR-15 is famous for supporting a wide variety of attachments, including a tomahawk.

That’s right, you can turn your dry AR into a brutal melee weapon with the Jolly Roger Tomahawk stock.

Jolly Roger is know for their legitimate bolt action stocks for the Remington 700 and Savage model 10 through 12, but they’ve decided to kick things up a notch with this badass gimmick.

(image source; Jolly Roger Gun Stocks)

Make no mistake, these tomahawk stocks are well crafted and they’re not that cheap either. Made from a block of billet Aluminum, the tomahawks are afixed to a chrome moly aero shaped tubing and come in a variety of styles.

Each stock costs around $200 plus shipping.

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