Car dealership gives new ride to veteran who stole truck to take Vegas victims to hospital

A Marine Corps veteran who stole a truck to drive victims of the Las Vegas shooting to the hospital last week was rewarded for his efforts by an Arizona car dealership who offered him a free truck.

“I’ve been given a lot more credit than I deserve,” 29-year-old Taylor Winston said Monday at B5 Motors in Gilbert as he picked up his new set of wheels.

Winston said he only accepted the vehicle because he can sell the truck he currently owns and donate the money to the Las Vegas victims.

Shane Beus, owner of B5 Motors, said he doesn’t care what Winston does with the truck, he simply wanted to express his gratitude. Beus called Winston’s actions in the midst of chaos “very, very courageous.”

After gunshots rang out and left nearly 60 dead and more than 500 wounded at an outdoor musical festival in Las Vegas, Winston noticed a pickup truck with the keys inside. So, Winston took the truck – even though it wasn’t his and he did not know to whom it belonged – and transported about two dozen victims to the hospital. Winston eventually made arrangements to return the truck to its rightful owner, but his actions left many calling him a hero.

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