Fully functional 8-shot revolver can be made at home by anyone with a 3D printer

The vast majority of gun-control supporters have no idea how easy it is to build your own firearm.

The weapon below has been built by a responsible gun owner who registered his homemade revolver with the Michigan State police, as required by law. He’s shared images of the weapon, which was made with a simple 3D printer.

Anyone can purchase a 3D printer for anywhere from $600 – $5,000. There’s no license, background check, or other limitation besides available cash or credit. Anyone with basic knowledge about how a firearm functions can easily design their own weapon. Those that don’t can download the plans online.

Take a look at the 8-shot .22 lr PM522 WASHBEAR below. The creator shared these images and descriptions on Imgur under the username zimirken.

(image source; Imgur/zimirken)

“This is my PM522 WASHBEAR that I built this winter. It’s registered with the Michigan state police as is required by law. It was hilarious getting a call to come back into the office because I “accidentally” put my name in the manufacturer box. But I didn’t have any trouble with registration, and only had to talk to to the village secretary.”

“This is currently my under the bed pistol. I’m just getting into cartridge guns from black powder guns and gunsmithing. I feel extremely safe having it there, because it is almost impossible to have an accidental discharge with this gun. The trigger pull is tremendous, the only way it is going to go off is if you have the will and adrenaline to pull its 20+ pound trigger pull. Also, the firing pin sits between rounds so you can drop it all you want.”

“This is the cylinder, loaded. 8 rounds of 22.”

“The cylinder, unloaded. You can see the stainless steel tubing inserts. They only go half the length of the cylinder. After that it’s just rifled nylon.”

“You can see the powder marks. I’ve put at least 20 rounds through it, with no problems. The cylinder is printed slow and hot in taulman 618 nylon, and is extremely strong.”

“A top view of the frame. The frame is printed in PLA, because it’s way easier to print in. Some people think PLA is weaker than ABS, but in my experience it is very strong and people are just superstitious.”

“A rear view of the frame. The original design had the frame printed in one piece, but that was a little too big for my printer. So I cut the model in half, and added some bolt holes and epoxied and bolted the two halves together.”

“A front view. You can see the powder deposits. These are embedded into the plastic, so they are rather permanent.”

“Here is the breakdown. One bolt comes out to separate everything but the trigger. The handle has the required amount of detectable steel epoxied in to comply with the undetectable firearms act.”

This is the pin that holds the cylinder in place.”

“That is the slot it fits into.”

“Here is a close up of the cylinder revolving mechanism. It works just like an ink pen.”

“Here is a close up of the modifications I had to do to get it to fit on my printer.”

“Here is the other side. The two halves are epoxied and bolted together permanently.”

“Here is a view looking down the sights.”

Share this with anyone trying to push a gun-control agenda, and remind them that limiting the freedoms of responsible citizens won’t effectively disarm any criminals.

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