Air Force vet loves to show off her guns as much as her buns

Meet Charissa Littlejohn, an Air Force veteran and all around American Badass.
After serving in the Air Force as a medical technician, Charissa has found a bountiful career working as a model and photographer. She’s currently working as a fitness model for MyProtein and has a Master’s degree in Health Administration.
Charissa describes herself in one of her posts on Instagram,
“My name is Charissa Littlejohn, I am a model, photographer, graduate, and above all I am a United States Air Force Veteran.
Joining the military was the by the far best decision I could have ever made. I was blessed to be trained as a Medic and later chosen to be a Protocol Specialist where I worked closely with the base Commander, cabinet members, congressional delegates, and other government officials. After actively serving 5 years, I moved to California to pursue my passion as a model and photographer. The military has taught me so much about life, respect, duty, sacrifice, who I am, and who I want to become.” – Charissa Littlejohn, United States Air Force.
Take a look at some of her best work below.

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