Cops find homemade full-auto sub guns with DIY suppressors

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Edmonton Canada seized a small collection of illegal weapons including a pair of homemade MAC-11 sub-machine guns and suppressors.

According to their press release, the Edmonton Guns and Gangs unit completed their investigation on August 17, 2017. The DIY sub guns were well manufactured by a professional grade machinist and were capable of fully automatic fire. Officers also found a Beretta pistol with a suppressor and a modified Suomi sub-machine gun.

The RCMP believes the pair of MAC-11 were just two of many homemade weapons that have already been sold on the criminal market.

Jacob Balan, 37, and Amy Brogden, 29, were arrested and both charged with 62 offenses including,

Making an automatic firearm;

Firearms trafficking (x 4);

Possession of a firearm for the purpose of trafficking (x 4);

Trafficking a prohibited device (x 6);

Possession of a prohibited device for the purpose of trafficking (x 6);

Knowingly possessing a prohibited firearm (x 4); and

Knowingly possessing a prohibited device (x 6).

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