Pro-2A actor James Woods humiliates journalist who asks “how can gun owners sleep at night”

James Woods (image source; Twitter)

MSNBC journalist Joy Ann Reid was quick to judge all 2nd Amendment supporters for the actions of a madman.

“The NRA is soaked and bathed in blood. How do its adherents sleep at night?” she asked on Twitter around 3:30 PM on Sunday, November 5.

Actor and 2nd Amendment supporter James Woods replied,

James Woods has developed a reputation for supporting the 2nd Amendment with a “no bullshit” attitude. In 2015 he made headlines after urging his fellow citizens to “buy more guns and learn how to use them.”

After sharing his response, Woods was joined by dozens of fellow gun owners with similar answers to Reid’s question.

Reid’s response to Sunday’s tragedy is another example of gun-control supporters twisting facts to support their own agenda. Devin Kelley was a wife beating dishonorably discharged Air Force veteran who was not legally allowed to own firearms. He attacked the church hoping to murder his estranged wife’s parents and cause as much pain and suffering as possible. His mass shooting had absolutely nothing to do with the NRA or NRA members.

What did the NRA have to do with the shooting? One of its members and former instructors, Stephen Willeford, was responsible for bringing an end to Kelley’s rampage. Willeford aimed around Kelley’s body armor, hitting him in the side and causing him to drop his weapon.

“I think my God, my Lord, protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done, and I just wish I had gotten there faster,” Willeford said.

What do you think about Woods’ response to Reid’s question?

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